Behind every successful person is plethora of individuals who helped them realize their potential. Whether it is a parent, a mentor, or a teacher, these individuals are regarded as inspirational that offer vision and guidance.  

In our latest profile, The Next Chapterwe sit down with the Beat Junkie Institute of Sound's Chris Oroc (Babu) and Carlos Thurston (Mr. Choc)— instructors and members of the world famous Beat Junkies— to learn more about the heart and philosophy behind their school. 

Our recent photoshoot with the Beat Junkie Institute of Sound

Chris   Oroc (Babu)

Chris Oroc (Babu)

Carlos Thurston (Mr. Choc)

Carlos Thurston (Mr. Choc)

It’s a beautiful thing man, it feels really good that kids and people from all ages and all walks of life are coming in here, through these doors, and we are showing them how to do this DJ thing. That’s our thing here, building better DJ’s.
— Carlos Thurston (Mr. Choc)

Photography & Video by Jaime Valdovino