In an age where being identified as an entrepreneur, artist, and/or creative is common vernacular amongst our social media saturated world, only a few can claim those titles to be true. The hustle behind their dreams is not for the faint of heart. It leads to many sleepless nights, dwindled bank accounts, and a back-and-forth chatter in one's head questioning if the process is worth it. 

But, for the select few who persevere despite short comings and shattered dreams, the hustle is everything. The process is what adds to their story. It builds their character and it serves as the fuel to continue further because in their heart-of-hearts they are creating a life worth living. 

Our latest story, "A Simple Man," features one such entrepreneur, artist, and creative impresario, Lorenzo Diggins. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Lorenzo sits with Veritas editor Krystle Casey and explains the journey that he is on—a work in progress, if you will. And, reveals that some of the best things in life are the simple things that bring the essential happiness that we all often seek. 

Our recent photo shoot with Lorenzo Diggins. 

Photography & Video by Jaime Valdovino